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Solution for fitness clubs and gyms

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No queues at the entrance to the gym.

Authentication using face recognition, RFID key or QR code, or a combination of these methods. The exit is configured either free or with the use RFID key.

It is possible to organize a passage area of any width. Different models of turnstiles help to remain within the budget limits.

We also have a set of "plug and use" turnstiles that you can install by yourself.


Biometrics recognition
Differentiation of access to any premises of the gym by face recognition technology.

Recognition takes place in less than a second.

The system recognizes a visitor even if he is wearing glasses, has lost weight or grown a beard. On top of that, it makes it impossible to lose entrance card


QR code entranse solutions
For clients who do not want to provide their biometric data, it is possible to set up access to the checkpoint, premises, vending machines and other services of the company using contactless scanning of the QR code.

The QR code is generated in a mobile application and is read out by access terminals directly from the client's smartphone screen. We will implement the function of generating a QR code in your application, or provide a branded and ready-to-work custom application.

QR Code Authentication complies with the GDRP regulation.


Taning room automation
With this solution, the client does not need to ask a gym's administrator for help. Visitors enter the taning room on their own, choose the number of minutes they will sunbathe and pay for the service by tapping their RFID wristband.

Payment is debited from the client's personal account in gym's software.


Сhanging room
We equip the locker room with durable moisture-resistant furniture with modern electronic locks. We supply lockers, safe deposit boxes, benches, counters and work with customised projects.

Electronic locks allow the customer to occupy any free locker they like by simply tapping their RFID key against the reader. The info terminal will remind the client of the locker number, if necessary.

Furniture customization is possible — more than 500 coating options to choose from.

It is also possible to choose furniture material — laminated chipboard or HPL plastic.


Vending machines
Installation of vending machines for drinks. Plug in and use.

The machines are able to mix protein shakes, pour water with vitamin syrups and coffee drinks.

Payment by Visa and Mastercard. Alternatively, it is possible to link the payment through the client's personal account in software.


The most effective way to remotely monitor your staff is Bruno. Online service for planning, assigning and monitoring your staff's work.

Manage the result. Makes work execution predictable and controllable. You always knows who, where, what, at what time, how long, with what result your employee has done the job. Schedules and regulations are entered into the system. Tasks and route are not on paper, but in a smartphone. Instead of a signature, you need to scan a QR code. The proof of the result is a photo taken via the app.


Remote deployment
We remotely configure all the equipment. You provide only access and get a completely ready-to-work solution from us.


Processor-Intel Core i9-9900
RAM — 16 GB of RAM
SSD — 240Gb; + HDD — 1Tb (for saving backup)
Operating system — Win10Pro
The motherboard corresponding to the processor socket
Software integration
All parts of the "Fitness" solution are integrated with the already installed hardware and software of your gym.
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