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Automated fitness bar


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Vending machines
A complete set of vending machines required to start an automated fitness bar.

- Coffee machine
- Snack machine
- Protein machine

Payment by Visa and Mastercard. Alternatively, it is possible to link the payment through the client's personal account in software.

Protein machines can be used with any ingredients regardless of their brands and suppliers. Use products you used to and which you just like.


and RFID-cards
Our vending machines allow you to pay for drinks and snacks using an RFID bracelet or a card linked to the client's account. The client does not need to carry a wallet; the wallet is right on his hand.

We can produce bracelets with your club logo and integrate them with your club CRM.
Moscow, Russia
Advantages of the company
Best prices due to the peculiarities of taxation in Estonia
Availability of products in warehouses in the European Union
2 years warranty
on the delivered
First line of technical support 24/7