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Visitor restriction counter


This solution based on fast-deploying turnstiles helps to quickly, easily and inexpensively control the number of people in a building keeping visitors and employees safe from Covid-19

How it works

You set a limit on how many people can be inside the premises, after which the program counts how many people entered and exited. If the number of people entered reaches the limit, the red indicator lightens up and the turnstile stops authorising entry to the visitors. The indicator is always green when exiting.

Once someone leaves the premises, turnstile continues letting people in until the limit is reached again.
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Single leg turnstile
Double-leg turnstile with increased passage width


Two models of turnstile to choose from. Possibility to install up to 4 turnstiles with a common counter.
Simple connection of the turnstiles with an Ethernet cable.


Unpack the turnstiles and connect them to a power
Connect the turnstiles to each other using an Ethernet cable
Configure the turnstiles with the MasterCard app*
Set the limit with the Visitor Counter app*. Done!
* setup manual in the box or on the website
The application allows you to configure the operation of turnstiles with a common counter
Application allows you to set the limit for the number of visitors and check how many people are inside
Visitor Counter
Master Card


Advantages of the company
Best prices due to the peculiarities of taxation in Estonia
Availability of products in warehouses in the European Union
2 years warranty
on the delivered
First line of technical support 24/7


You only pay for the turnstiles.
The counter and applications are for free.