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SP-03 — IP indoor video entry phone

The hands-free IP audio SP-03 offers support for SIP, P2P, and internal BAS-IP protocols. Equipped with buttons to quickly call the concierge, open the lock, control the Do Not Disturb mode, electronic volume control, and also to call the lift to the floor.

One device – many features
  • Quick installation
  • Emergency alert
  • Flexible system setup
  • Concierge calling
  • Calling the lift to the floor
  • "Do Not Disturb" mode

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Emergency alert
The security of your apartment will always be under the control of the system. In the event of any unforeseen situation, you can immediately react.
  • The ability to display forced loud-speaking informational messages in "Standby" mode
  • Ability to connect alarm sensors
Easy to replace with a monitor
If necessary, the installed hands-free IP audio SP-03 can easily be replaced with a BAS-IP monitor. It is possible to install the SP-03 in various types of installation boxes.
Lots of communication options

The device allows you to establish simple communication with all the services in your home:

  • Concierge Calling
  • Ability to call the lift to the floor
  • Connect doorbell button
  • When the call is cut, the ability to call back to the panel from which the original call was made
  • "Do Not Disturb" mode

Touch buttons

Touch buttons on the hands-free IP audio SP-03 offer a virtually unlimited resource of clicks, unlike mechanical buttons, which always have a limited resource. The buttons are large enough, have a backlight, and are very convenient to use.

SP-03 – a device that is intuitive for any generation

The design of the device fits perfectly into any interior and meets all modern standards of ergonomics and convenience. It will be equally convenient for both children and adults.

Flexible settings and extensions
Open API
The API allows for the quick and easy integration of the device into third-party systems (ACS, etc.). It duplicates all functions from the web-interface of SP-03. This is very convenient if you first design the intercom system during construction, and only later create your own IT system in the residential complexes.
5 free SIP accounts
Each SP-03 comes with 5 free SIP accounts for the BAS-IP Intercom application. That is, it is possible to set up call forwarding with the SP-03 for all family members.
PoE powered
To minimise the wiring of electrical cables, it is possible to power the unit over an Ethernet cable (PoE technology). It is also possible to power it from a separate +12 V power supply. The ability to reserve power is necessary for the guaranteed operation of the device in the event of a failure or loss of one of the connected power sources.
Centralised configuration
Updating via Link software - you do not need to manually come to each device to update it - everything is done remotely.


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