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Model 19 e-lock for lockers

It is intended for installation on cabinets in changing rooms, safe deposit boxes, rental cabinets, document cabinets and other cabinet furniture.

The lock is of an overhead design and is easily installed on doors made of various materials (chipboard, wood, metal, HPL, glass).

The outer part of the lock is made of metal in the shape of a handle. It is very convenient and practical.

The absence of external mechanical parts increases the resistance to breaking, and also ensures the durability of locks (several times longer than that of mechanical locks)

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Modes of operation

Free key
The visitor can use his key (bracelet, card) to close any available cabinet. The lock "remembers" the key with which it was closed and now it cannot be opened with other keys. When opened, the locker "forgets" the key and becomes free again. Locks can be configured for several zones ( locker rooms, safes, VIP, etc.) the visitor will be able to close only 1 cabinet in the zone.

Linking a number
The "Number Binding" mode is similar to the operation of conventional mechanical locks. Each lock only fits its own electronic key (or several keys, if required)

The administrator selects any available rental cabinet and with the help of special software "Rent" writes information with the number of the rental cabinet with the start/end date of the lease to the visitor's key. After the rental period expires, the lock stops responding to the visitor's key.

Mode is similar to "number binding", but you will need an employee with a master key to open the lock. The lock will open only when the client and master keys are presented alternately
Elegant design. Glass side panels and motorized swing door. Led display with a polished cover made of artificial stone. A comfortable passage. Hidden installation of readers. Motorized self-centering mechanism. Automatic "anti-panic" function. Mechanical unlocking of swing doors. Compatible with most types of access control systems. Concealed installation on the floor. Practical design. Several turnstiles establish a pass zone when installed in a row. Sufficient internal space for the installation of readers, controllers and other devices. The duplicated display. 2 side blocks (left/right). 2 pass sensors (input/output). A stainless steel remote control is included in the package.