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K-17 motor-driven gate

The K-17 series motor-driven gate is a versatile device designed to control the access to a site. Its mat-polished steel body does not rust and retains no finger marks. The compact structure does not take up much space in a narrow passage and withstands heavy loads in intensive operation. This model is equipped with bright indicator lights, a remote control, and an anti-panic system. The gate is compatible with other gates and access control systems (ACS). The system provides the maximum throughput capacity of 17 persons per minute.

Gates can be installed at checkpoints of factories, hospitals, shopping centers, administrative institutions, railway stations, and airports. The device provides for an easy passage of baby carriages or wheelchairs, people with bulky luggage. We offer complete equipment of systems with sensors and scanners, if necessary. Our employees will calculate the number of devices according to the maximum number of your company's visitors or employees.

Elegant design. Housing made of polished stainless steel. Bright display. LED lights. Comfortable passage. Free passage in case of power failure. Automatic «Anti-panic» function. Reliable mounting. Serviceability. Motorized fence gate. Compatible with most types of access control systems. Remote control panel made of stainless steel is included in the delivery set.

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