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Multi-button entrance panel BI-02FB

The unique multi-apartment entrance panel has a stylish design.

BI-02FB is available in gold, silver and black. It is equipped with a wide-angle camera and supports BAS-IP UKEY mobile access.
Using BI-02FB panel, it is possible to make direct calls to both internal monitors and the concierge. The device fits perfectly into the interior of a small office or cottage.

The panel has a unique 3D face recognition feature. This identifying technology is integrated into the BAS-IP panels and uses infrared sensors on the camera on the panel.

The technology uses hybrid 3D face recognition using several IR sensors and in-depth analysis. Triggered in 0.6 seconds.

Once the tenants & common visitors are identified, the entrance panel can automatically unlock and announce an important message or useful information about the residential complex.

Stylish design combined with modern technology.

Colors: gold, silver, black.

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