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Entrance panel AV-04FD/SD

The BAS-IP AV-04FD and AV-04SD individual entrance panels are reliable and vandal-proof with flush mounting and wall mounting installation options.

Each panel provides a perfect video image and sound transmission to the internal monitors. There is the option to individually engrave some text or logo on the panels.

EAN-5060514913529 (AV-04FD)
EAN-5060514913468 (AV-04SD)

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Flush mounting

The BAS-IP AV-04FD is an individual entrance panel which has been developed for flush mounting installation. The panel is designed with an elegant body which will be to your liking.

It will perfectly suit your apartment, office or shop.

Wall mounting

The BAS-IP AV-04SD belongs to a group of panels that are wall mounted. It means that there is no need to make a hole in the wall or the frame of the entry group.

This panel is quite narrow to fit in the entry group that has been already mounted in the residential complex or office block.

Individual engraving

Today, individualisation is a frequent requirement for large facilities. These outdoor panels include spaces for individual engraving.

When installed in a shopping mall, these panels can be signed "INFO CALL".

Security Relay

A convenient module increases the safety of the entrance as it prevents tampering.

The SH-42 module is installed between the panel and the switch to eliminate a shortcut and to prevent entrance by a stranger in the event of damage to the panel.

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