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Multi-apartment entrance panel AA-14FB

Exclusive multi-apartment BAS-IP AA-14FB entrance panel for the most demanding projects. The new panel will please both architects with its appearance, and engineers with its set of unique functions.

The panel supports automatic face recognition and UKEY mobile access. An open API has been developed for integrations with third-party systems.

10" touch screen. UKEY Support. Phone book. Concierge calling.
Calling the lift to the floor. Flexible system setup. Working temperature -40 - +65 °С.

EAN-5060514912867 (Silver)
EAN-5060514912850 (Black)
EAN-5060514912874 (Gold)

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Prestigious entrance panels for luxurious projects
The perfect combination of design and functionality allows you to confidently install this panel within modern residential complexes. The panel has a 10-inch touch display with an intuitive graphical interface and a convenient phone book with the ability to display company logos or photos of apartment owners. Downloading custom menu designs and unique greeting tunes helps accentuate your originality.Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Face Recognition System
The technology employs 3D face recognition using infrared sensors and in-depth analysis. Triggered in 0.6 seconds. Adding new faces to the database is possible both directly through the panel, and remotely using BAS-IP Link software.

Big Display
The 10-inch TFT display with backlight and heating allows you to display not only information about the called subscriber, but also to load their avatar. When a visitor calls, it is possible to show advertisements and concierge messages. The screen operates fine in temperature conditions from -40 °C to +65 °C.

Also on the big display, it is possible to additionally install a weather widget and display information about the location of the house.

Touch buttons
Touch buttons on the display of the entrance panel have an almost unlimited resource of clicks, unlike mechanical buttons, which always have a limited resource. They are also convenient to use for both children and adults.

UKEY Mobile Access
The panel supports UKEY mobile access, which allows you to open the door using your smartphone. At the same time, you can use conventional keychain or access cards.
Flexible settings and extensions
Remote add faces
A resident can send their photo to the administrator and he or she will remotely add the photo to the desired panel.

Automatic configuration
Force initialisation/configuration of a device or all devices in the system at once - remotely and automatically using Link software.

Fault Alert
Messages for any panel malfunctions automatically arrive on the server of the management company.
Centralised configuration
Updating via Link software - you do not need to come to each panel to update it - everything is done remotely

Log all events
You can always review who made the panel settings, as well as who passed by, whom they called, etc.

Open API
The API allows for the quick and easy integration of the panel into third-party systems (ACS, etc.). It duplicates all functions from the web-interface of the panel. This is very convenient if you first design the intercom system during construction, and only later create your own IT system in the residential complexes.


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