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K-15 two-way swing gate with electromechanical lock

K-15 electromechanical swing gate - the gate is normally open (fail-safe) device. In case of power loss the gate remains open. When the gate is powered, it is controlled with control button. In order to unlock the arm press the passage authorized button. Green indicator lights up on the stand.
The arm is rotated into an open position manually by a passing person in the direction of passage. Arm returns to its initial position automatically after the passage. Red indicator lights up on the stand. By the "passage authorized" signal the gate allows the passage in both directions. By the "passage non-authorized" signal the gate is blocked in both directions. So, in brief: it's unblocked via button- person pushes the arm- goes through-then the arm (wing) returns back by the spring- the swing gate blocks-to open it you need to press button again.
Elegant design. Stainless steel case LED lights. Comfortable passage. Two-way swing gate. Passage width: 620/755/815/900 mm.

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